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Mobile Application consolidating most important office tools in one app such as: calendar with timetable, chat communicator, tasks administrator, email client, office navigation, teams/employees guide, cooperation tool, trainings and tutorials player, corporate news feed, canteen menu and canteen payments.

Teamplug Graphic

The Idea


Provide All-in-One solution for corporate employees forced to use multiple applications to communicate, collaborate, plan and monitor their work progress. The set of tools build in the software would also help employees to be up to date with what’s happening in the organisation, share ideas, watch online tutorials, learn about coworkers and teams, find building facilities, offices and meeting rooms in the labyrinth of company campus. App would also support onboarding process of the new employees and help visitors to move around.

The Problem We Were Solving


While talking to our colleagues at work we realised we are not the only ones that are frustrated by the need to use multiple tools at work while we could use only one that would give us better understanding of what is happening in the organisation, who is who and what are the most important and urgent tasks at hand. We were occasionally loosing precious time wandering across the campus trying to find particular office or meeting room. Working with many people across the world makes it difficult to remember all the names and their functions especially if you have never meet your co-workers in person. It’s especially difficult when you first starting so Teamplug could serve as an excellent pilot for the new employees. It would help them to familiarise themselves with the new ecosystem, processes related to the given role, learn office infrastructure and campus layout.

Our Team


Project is developed by two UX designers that are cooperating using elements of agile approach, user centered design methodology, and are involved in all the steps of mobile app design process.

Big thanks to Łukasz Baprawski


For his effort and fruitful collaboration on this project.

Teamplug - Our Team



Concepts, workflows and full app experience on one simple diagram [Hi-res].

Teamplug Wireframe Balsamiq

The Design Process


From hand drawing to pixel perfection with use of various software tools and Material Design guidelines from Google.

Teamplug Technologies used
iMac Balsamiq Teamplug

From Low to High Fidelity Prototypes


MacBook PS Teamplug

Design Guidelines – Colours and Typography


Teamplug Guidelines Typography and Colours
Teamplug Mockups